Write about your plans for the next weekend

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future tenses - week plans

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Weekend Plans Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2018

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17 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip

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Why do you think those sentences on the game?. Watch the On the Weekend video on YouTube. After watching, ask the students to recall some of the weekend activities from the video and record these on the board as a mind map.

After watching, ask the students to recall some of the weekend activities from the. 17 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip. Updated: 10/9/18 | October 9th, Write down all your current expenses so you can determine where you are spending money and how you can cut back.

People bleed a lot of money every day through small purchases: that bottle of water, the dollar for that snack, that extra coffee. You’re about to. For example, if you have plans to go camping next weekend and someone asks you what you are going to do, you could answer, “I’m going camping next weekend.

” The present progressive is a casual way of forming the future (slightly more casual than be going to + base verb, in my opinion). Aug 25,  · For me, "Do you have any plans for the weekend?" is a little more open, it gives a bit more weight to the possibility that the person might not have any plans at all.

"Do you have some plans for the weekend?". ñ an e-mail to a friend about your holiday plans ñ a funny horoscope for a competition LESSON 1: Travel plans!

You think it is interesting. Use your notes to write an e-mail to your friend to tell him/her ñ about this holiday where it is and when you are leaving leaving next Friday by .(boat/p lane) ate. Write a letter to your friend about a holiday trip you made recently. Essay by wewangwang, November download word file, 3 pages download word file, 3 pages 6 votes4/5(6).

Write about your plans for the next weekend
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LET'S USE THE ENGLISH WE KNOW: What are you going to do next weekend?