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Mobile Technology

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A Sample Mobile App Development Business Plan Template

To create a mobile VPN for securely connecting smartphones and tablets to your network, use Check Point's Mobile Remote Access Software Blade. With a browser plugin for VPN client software, it is the safe, easy way to deploy remote access software. Sell faster and bigger with online catalog order taking on any mobile device, up-sell and cross-sell recommendations, promotions, customer and sales rep dashboards, full ERP integration.

Jellyfish Technologies offers top custom software and web application development services provider, Website Design, Custom Software Development, Product Design and Development, mobile apps development & Web Application Development Service using Angular, NodeJS, String, Grails, Ruby, Groovy, MEAN Stack and other exciting technologies.

This summary is taken directly from the Mobile Phone Shop business plan that you can download online below.

Connect ProMLM to your favorite tools.

Company Summary SimBiz Trading has been incorporated to develop and run a new mobile phone shop in a busy high street.

New app startups usually write their business plan for one of two reasons. For some investors, the company section of your business plan is the most important. It’s often the case that what you are writing about now will not be what your business eventually becomes.

John previously worked at App Partner, a top New York app development.

Mobile business intelligence Mobile software company business plan
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