An analysis of software evaluationzoombinis

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software evaluation Zoombinis

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software evaluation Zoombinis

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Software Evaluation Zoombinis - Software Evaluation Zoombinis Software evaluation of; The logical Journey of the Zoombinis Publisher; Broderbund Software Inc. Year published: List Price: unknown Availability of site license; School package available Subject Area: Educational Software Category: Problem solving Grade level: Specific.

The sample was transcribed and evaluated using the Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts [SALT] software for quantitative and qualitative analysis. Andrea enthusiastically participated with the examiner during the language sample.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (also known as Zoombinis Logical Journey in the remake) is an educational puzzle computer game developed and published by Brøderbund Software for the original and The Learning Company for the remake.

Logical journey of the Zoombinis is a CD-ROM educational package game designed to assist pupils research and use cardinal rules of logic, job resolution and information analysis. In this game there are 12 mystifiers, each with four degrees of trouble. We teach different genres of literature such as an analysis of software evaluationzoombinis the creative writing emerged in superstition poetry, short stories, myths, plays.


An analysis of software evaluationzoombinis
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